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Matching style and class with Fabrics & Laces.

For 16 years, Standard Textile reputation for understanding the unique challenges our customers.

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Our major business is garment accessories & Laces.We are Tie up with China companies and other North Indian companies.we gives a best prices.We are doing Lycra laces,Nylon laces, Fabric laces,Eyelet laces,Hand made laces.and the Lycra fabrics,Nylon fabrics,eyelet fabrics, hand fabrics

We are involved in Sequence fabrics,Mesh fabrics,Rendicular batches,Pom Poms,Buttons,Special Fabrics and all type of Special trims.

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Who we are

Be exclusive, Be Devine, Be Brand New.

We are involved in All types of Knitted And Woven Fabrics from CHINA. We are Tie up with China Factories and Other North Indian Factories. We give a best price.

are a Reputed Company
Ultimate Quality Of Wild Florals
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The look you need. The style you crave.

All our products are manufactured from high quality materials and features superb craftsmanship that either meet or exceeds the quality requirements of our final testing procedures.

What we offer

Feel trendy. Feel authentic.

Lycra Laces/Fabric

Peenics Enterprises

Lycra, or its non-branded name elastane, is famously stretchy but its eco-credentials don't stretch as far.

Cotton Nylon Fabric

Peenics Enterprises

A luxurious technical material with a high-performance level and a high-end look and feel.


Peenics Enterprises

A needlework consisting of the interlocking of looped stitches formed with a single thread and a hooked needle.

GPO Laces

Peenics Enterprises

White Cotton Gpo Laces and Stone Handwork Borders Use for Suits, Saree and Dupatta, Used As Trims, Borders, Embroidery, Applique, Fabric Lace.

Neck & Eye Laces

Peenics Enterprises

Suitable for eye glasses, reading glasses, sunglasses, spectacles etc. Anti slip hooks holder, keep your glasses firmly and safety.

Fashion Accessories

Peenics Enterprises

In fashion, an accessory is an item used to contribute, in a secondary manner, to an individual's outfit.

Why choose us

Relaxation and your satisfaction.

We are doing All types of Laces, All types of Fabrics, All types of Buttons and All types of Fashion Accessories.


Laces is Important Part of Fashion. We have updated designs and models in laces and fabrics.


We provide Best Products in The World. Our First and Foremost priority is our customer satisfaction.


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It’s not about brand, it’s about style & Quality.

We are involved in Sequence fabrics, Mesh fabrics, Rendicular batches, Pom Poms, Buttons, Special Fabrics and all type of Special trims .

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Peenics Enterprises
Our company follows stringent Quality Standards from purchase of raw materials to the packaging and delivery to our respected customers. We maintain the highest industry standards and maintain excellent quality of workmanship. We are committed to cater towards all the needs of our customers.

Let's Experience Exclusive Quality

First step

Fabric Treatment

Processing a fabric that make fabric softer, or water resistant, or enhance dye penetration after they are woven.

Second Step


Generally, the finishing process includes three basic stages: washing and drying, stabilizing, and pressing. In addition, some fabrics are then treated to make them anti-static, water repellent, or flame retardant.

Final Step

Quality Control

Quality control is a set of steps or guidelines designed to guarantee that a product or service meets certain performance standards.

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Customer Satisfaction is the main thing we Focus.